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Toy Fairs

In addition to selling on eBay and on the internet, Help Empty My Attic has been selling vintage and collectable bears, dolls, toys and other childhood related items at toy fairs for over five years now. It started off as a one-off at the Christmas Toy and Train Fair at Pudsey Civic Hall near Leeds, and we now sell at various fairs including the big one at the NEC and Sandown Park, which is considered to be one of the best toy fairs in Europe.  In the last year we have also started selling at the big Doll & Teddy Fair at the National Motorcycle Museum and the Pudsey Doll & Teddy fair, which is one of the longest established specialist bear and doll fairs in the country.

The fairs are great for picking up up toys and teddies that you wouldn't see on your local high street and you can't beat being able to have a look at something properly before you buy it rather than clicking and hoping for the best - something I hope our regular customers will confirm is not too much of a worry when you buy from us online!  The fairs are also a good place to get an idea of value for things that you may already own.  At most of the fairs, many of the dealers (including ourselves) are often happy to give you an indication of how much we think things are worth, and may even make you an offer based on that value.  If you are hoping to sell your items to one of the dealers at a fair it often helps if you have an idea in mind of how much you would like for them, bearing in mind that the dealers will need to sell the items on at a profit.

There are several fair organisers around the country, so if you're interested in toys - old or new - it's worth checking out your local paper or Googling to see if there's one near you. We tend to stick to the general toy fairs as we usually have a wide range of items available, though we are starting to increase the number of specialist teddy bear fairs that we sell at.   In our resources section there are links to the sites of some of the fair organisers that we use.  Dates for fairs that we know about in 2015 are now available on our 2015 Toy Fair Dates page.

Toy Fair Stall - Sandown Park Toy Fair Pictures - Motorcycle Museum Doll & Teddy Fair


Last updated JW 20/01/2015